Chief Executive Officer - Susannah Connell

Susannah Connell


Susannah has over 20 years experience in primary education in addition to a wide range of experience from retail management, and living and working in Germany. Beginning her education career as a classroom teacher, Susannah worked with children of all ages and used her expertise to train and support teaching staff at other schools and undergraduate students in local universities.


Since becoming a Headteacher in 2006, brought into a failing school by the Local Authority, Susannah has developed a bold curriculum at Middlefield which has been highly praised as "beyond outstanding" by inspectors. Early in 2012, Middlefield took on the direct support of Winhills Primary School and was again praised for the positive impact and strong leadership of the school in an OFSTED inspection two months later.


The Diamond Learning Partnership Trust was formed in Summer of 2012 with Middlefield and Winhills Primary Academies as the founding schools, and Susannah as the Trust's CEO.


Susannah is a National Leader of Education and an Ofsted Inspector. She is also the St. Neots representative on Cambridgeshire Primary Heads, represents primary academies on the Cambridgeshire Schools Forum, is a member of the Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board and is Chair of the Cambridgeshire Primary Academies Forum. 


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Whatever my current job title, first and foremost I am a teacher and I still hold the beliefs that I had when I chose to enter the profession. Every decision I make focuses on the impact on children and I’ve seen first-hand the success that can be achieved through school-to-school collaboration.


Our Trust began with the sole purpose of supporting some of the most challenged primary schools in England. Our focus then and now has been to ensure that our children have an education that meets their needs through schools that have the support and systems that enable them to achieve these goals. We have successfully built a family of highly connected schools that learn from each other.


I am a National Leader of Education and through this I support schools and Trusts in developing a self-improving, school-led system which ultimately leads to equality of access to a great education for all children.