Partnership with schools


Diamond Academies are expected to:

·      Encourage creative and curious minds

·      Facilitate independent learning

·      Provide each child with the life skills which will give them the best chance in life

·      Enforce high standards of behaviour and respect

·      Continually improve results and ensure that each child reaches their potential

·      Ensure excellence in teaching throughout the Academy

·      Ensure that every child has active engagement in learning, a sense of purpose and self worth


Schools in Cambridgeshire have worked collaboratively and with other professionals for many years to inspire children, improve their education and life chances. The Trust wishes to build on this collaboration. 


This collaboration has produced significant gains.  In particular there has been considerable improvement at Middlefield in the schools results. Since joining the Trust Winhills KS2 results are the highest they have ever been.  In order to continue to move forward we realise that none of us can do this on our own which is why partnership is so critical.


Our approach to school improvement and the improvement of the lives and life chances of children, young people and their families is focused on raising standards and improving well being. We have come to realise that a school cannot make this impact alone. Becoming part of The Diamond Learning Partnership Trust will allow schools:

·      To develop and strengthen innovation and creativity in their school communities to enrich the lives of children and young people, their parents and all education professionals

·      To support each other in improving outcomes in learning, quality of life, health and employment for all its children, young people and communities

·      To facilitate and strengthen existing collaborative activities and to involve other partners in using these arrangements to enrich the curriculum and children’s life chances

·      To create a model of shared leadership and accountability for all the schools in the Trust that recognises and makes best use of the distinctive skills members of our Trust have.

Specifically, this will mean that the Learning Trust will allow us to: 

·      Inspire the next generation

·      Raise aspirations of learners and equip them with the skills necessary to enhance their life chances and make a positive contribution to society

·      Raise awareness of opportunities in terms of current good practice and possible developments

·      Provide a focus for the development and support of high quality teaching, training and learning

·      Develop and sustain a curriculum enhanced in both content and delivery, across all ages and phases. For example, developing creativity and enriching curricular opportunities in ways single schools would find difficult to do alone

·      Provide access to a range of expertise and specialist teaching to support all phases and ages

·      Improve outcomes for all learners.

·      Sponsor and support collaborative interventions to improve outcomes for vulnerable and under-performing groups

·      Widen community participation in learning

·      Attract investment in the infrastructure for learning at school level in the Trust