Why not join us to become the best?

Why join our trust?


We find that all schools that are part of The Diamond Learning Partnership Trust have improved their outcomes for pupils and increased their admission as more parents can see the quality of learning in our schools.


Our teachers have the advantage of shared professional development and promotional opportunities across the trust. Our training school in the trust provides new teachers to replace those on promotion.

Whilst we have over 200 members of staff and over 2000 pupils, we are always looking to grow even further.


We know every school has great practice and we just want to share that practice with as many as possible. If you are interested in your school improving and have something to share with others then contact Susannah Connell to have a chat about your schools aspirations.


Everything we do at the Diamond is because our children can do amazing things and it’s our job to help make this potential a reality. With an outstanding education, every child has the freedom to choose their own future.